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Alholm Law Firm
Brent took inspiration for the Alholm Law Firm logo from a personal family heirloom, and made the identity classic—yet contemporary—with centered Sackers Gothic.

Brent created this unique and playful identity for the Kearney Glen Homeowner's Association to set them apart from the droves of monotonous suburban subdivisions. Origianlly based on a fleur-de-lis design (requested by the client) the logo evolved into something that Kearney Glen could call it's own.

Repeal Day
The Repeal Day branding was used as an extension of the NRAEF's ServSafe Alcohol program to responsibly celebrate the repeal of prohibition.

Brent's concept for a beauty company's identity was inspired by the sea and the graceful movement of marine life through its waters.

BCM favicon wallpaper

Alholm Law Firm logo

Alholm Law Firm logo (concept)

Alholm Law Firm business card

KGHOA logo

KGHOA logo

KGHOA logo ideation

Repeal Day logo

Repeal Day poster detail

Repeal Day web elements

Kujira logo (concept)

Kujira logo (concept)